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Outside the bar scene

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This time around, Sounds brought two Penn State-famous bands to our Community Room in the State College Municipal Building on October 24.  Lenina Crowne and The Tommy Roberts are both groups that are familiar with downtown Happy Valley scene.  Frequent performers at bars like Cafe, Rathskeller and Saloon, the members of each band took a moment to reflect on their experiences with Sounds compared to other venues.

The lead singer of Lenina Crowne expressed his gratitude to perform with Sounds because they got to play original music.  At bars, people are only interested in listening to songs they are familiar with.  Therefore the bands are caught in a vicious cycle of having the opportunity to perform, but only playing cover songs.  Sounds gave Lenina Crowne the space to deliver original music to eager fans that they desired.

On the other hand, Nate, a member of the Tommy Roberts duo, said that he appreciated the audience.  The guitarists told the crowd that he’d rather play for a smaller audience who gives their undivided attention to their music, than in a full room of people drinking.  As an audience member at both a Sounds event and a bar, I have seen the major difference in atmospheres.  When bands perform for a crowd without the influence of alcohol, there’s a larger sense of intimacy between the audience and musician.  At a bar, there are so many distractions that you cannot fully appreciate the talent of the artist or band on stage.

Ultimately, both bands said that they’d love to play in another Sounds event and recommended that other State College bands do the same!