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Sounds is growing!

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It was only ten minutes before showtime and our open mic sign up sheet was completely filled.  The names of artists, individuals and bands crammed the lines of time slots on a once empty sheet of paper.  The family and friends of each performer packed the Community Room, leaving every seat with an owner.  Our once small following has grown exponentially over social media and it can be seen in the attendance of every event.

Once again, the open mic on November 14th saw a diverse group of performers.  Although there were a couple artists that I recognized from the previous open mic, most of the faces were new to the Sounds stage.  We truly experienced the “all ages” aspect of Sounds when an incredibly gifted and experienced older artist followed a phenomenally talented and energetic group of middle school musicians. Our events are unique because it implores individuals to follow their passion, no matter their reason for playing.  Whether to make it big or playing for a hobby, Sounds encourages acts of all ages and expertise to enjoy their time the spotlight.